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Pampering and Wellness-

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Massages and Get-active-programmes at the Strengliner Mühle

- Uta & Alexander Eisenkrätzer - 

"The concept for body, spirit & soul“, practice for naturopathy & yoga“
Soft wellness-massages with essential oils:  


Soft full body massage 
(back, dekolleté, arms, legs, feet):
soft stroke techniques combined with classical elements, cupping glass massage and reflexology

(duration ca. 80 minutes) 

80,00 €

Wellness- back massage
soft stroke techniques combined with classical elements and cupping glass massage

(duration ca. 30 minutes) 

35,00 €

raise energy-flow, promote well-being, support health, following the rules of traditional Chinese medicine

(duration ca. 30 minutes) 

35,00 €

well-being and relaxation for the feet, activation of the body´s self-regulating forces with soft pressure

(duration ca. 30 minutes) 

35,00 €

-soft touches that transfer energy-
dissolves blockades of the energy-flow and contributes to vitality and relaxation

(duration ca. 40 minutes)

45,00 €

Spinal-column-compensation- harmonizing energy and statics -
palpation of the ear, Akupoint massage according to traditional Chinese Medicine, treatment with swinging therapy pillow

(duration ca. 60 minutes) 

60,00 €

Schüßler cell salts for your beauty
Identifying minerals deficiency on the face and thus preventing wrinkles and promoting a positive complexion

30,00 €

- Anja Ramm, physiotherapist - 

"for wellness and conditioning..."
Relaxing wellness-massages with valuable essential vegetable oils 

Relaxing wellness-massages with valuable essential vegetable oils


total back (duration ca. 30 minutes) 

  • additionally incl. heat pack (duration ca. 40 minutes)
  • additionally incl. natural moor pack (duration ca. 40 minutes)

35,00 €

45,00 €
48,00 €

Facial-/ Skin- massage incl. heat pack

(duration ca. 30 minutes) 

42,00 €

Full body massage – head to toe feeling like a new man/woman by slimming ! - 
basic body scrub followed by massage

(duration ca. 90 minutes)  

108,00 €

Manual lymphatic drainage  
  • head, face, neck (duration ca. 30 minutes)
  • arms, torso (duration ca. 40 minutes)
  • legs, torso (duration ca. 40 minutes)

38,00 €
48,00 €
48,00 €
Kinesio- Medi- Taping: 
an especially effective method for tensed & aching muscles

(per Tape) 

13,00 €

Get-active- Programme:


Water gymnastics in small groups of 3 to 6

(30 Minuten) 

12,00 € p.P.

Nordic Walking incl. introductory course for techniques,
warm-up & cool-down/stretching, rental poles

  • 1 person
  • 2 - 4 persons
  • 5- 10 persons

(duration 60 minutes) 

65,00 €
       32,00 € p.p.
       14,00 € p.p.

You can book the appointments at our reception. We recommend making an appointment in good time! 
  • We gladly arrange further offers for you upon request. We gladly draw up an individual „wellness-programme“ for you or issue gift vouchers.
  • Also very attractive are the various “wellness-packages“. Perhaps there is just the right thing for you among our packages. Information on the packages can be obtained at the reception. Please note that all providers work as individuals and for own account and we as a hotel only act as intermediary. 
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